A Little Bit About Leonard…

Clinical Psychologist

Hello, I’m Leonard W Kling (He/Him) .

I’m a a very positive, compassionate and respectful person. While making every effort to genuinely understand the unique challenges that can be faced, I’ll always create a welcoming and safe space to build future goals and work with you to develop positive change and growth.

Private Fee: $235.50

Fee (With Medicare Rebate): $98.45

Available Days: Wednesday



Bullying & Discrimination

Experience in
LGBTQIA+ Counselling

Sexual orientation and gender identity is central to one’s overall sense of self. Unfortunately, and for oh so many reasons, comfortable and authentic self-expression can be a significant challenge. My capacity to provide support draws from lived experience, ongoing specialised training, and volunteer roles within the LGBTIQ+ community. I am also identified as a Clinical Psychologist on the Practitioners List: A Community Directory for Sex and Gender Diverse Persons in South Australia.



Gender identity

Grief & Loss counselling

Identity crisis

Relationship challenges

Self esteem

Sexual Health

& Many More

What to Expect from your 1st Session?

“Your session is an opportunity to share your unique experience. I’ll create a safe and collaborative space to achieving your goals. It can take a little while to feel comfortable sharing your story. Thats totally okay and super common.”

Session Rates & Availability

Private Fee: $235.50

Fee after Medicare Rebate: $98.45

Available Days: Wednesday

Online – Video Conferencing

Areas of Experience

Working as a Clinical Psychologist within community and private practice settings, I’ve notched up 17+ years of professional experience. Beyond required qualifications, to complement and enhance both my professional and personal life, I also completed a Master’s of Applied Positive Psychology which is basically the scientific study of what is good and strong in people and how to best develop such for improved wellbeing and peak performance.