Private Fee sessions (50 min sessions)
After Medicare Rebates* (50 min sessions)
Clinical Psychologist
Private Fee (w/o Medicare rebates)
After Medicare Rebates*
Registered Psychologist
Private Fee (w/o Medicare rebates)
After Medicare Rebates*
Private Fee
Private Fee

Our Pricing, explained....

For your first appointment we kindly ask for a prepayment, your appointment can be rescheduled up until 48 hours prior to your booking time.

For future sessions following your initial appointment, we will process your payment following your therapy session. That means you can secure future appointments  without having to pay upfront. Our payment will be captured as the full private fee. 

A Mental Health Care Plan entitles you to Medicare rebates for 10 Clinical or Registered psychologist appointments. Please provide your GP referral with a current Mental Health Treatment Plan before your scheduled appointment so we can process your Medicare Rebate after your session. Rebates take two to five days to process following your Therapy session. 

To more information in relation to payments please refer to our Terms of Service.

Each Unboxed Pride Session Includes.


You can see any of our LGBTQIA+ trained Therapists. Select from a range of therapists with diverse background working and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. The choice is yours.


We offer sessions seven days a week, at times that suit you. Book your appointments online in your safe space.


You can also choose to be anonymous and provide a nickname during your therapy session. As part of the sign-up process, we will ask for some contact information. We take privacy and security very seriously. For all information in relation to privacy and security, please visit our FAQs and Terms of Service page


Our platform was purpose-built to ensure that all our processes and systems protect your data and stored information is secure and confidential manner. Please visit our FAQs or Terms of Service pages for information in relation to privacy.


With a valid GP referral and Mental Health Care Plan, you can be eligible to claim 10 psychology sessions (Clinical or Registered) per year with Medicare. We can process the claim on your behalf, so you can focus on your therapy.


Our team of therapist will offer evidence and strength-based approaches with practical tools and techniques tailored to your therapeutic journey and what you looking to achieve out of therapy.

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