A Little Bit About Tasha…

Senior Counsellor

Hello, I’m Tasha Turner (She/They).

As a proud gender Queer, pansexual, neurodivergent Counsellor, and chronic pain battler, I am excited to be part of this tailored support service. My purpose is to guide clients in exploring their true selves, embracing their differences and living authentically.

Individual Counselling: $130

Couples Counselling: $230

Available Days: Monday – Sunday

Anger Management



Experience in
LGBTQIA+ Counselling

Throughout my counselling career my principal niche has been sexuality and gender. I live loudly as a gender Queer pansexual person in a trans relationship, so this is also my 24 hour existence. I support clients at every stage of their journey, from the initial secret queries about your gender and/or sexuality, through to coming out, being in an LGBTQIA+ relationship, socially and medically transitioning. I also support your loved ones to understand and welcome your true self, to be part of your evolution



Bullying & Discrimination

Bipolar Disorder

Career counselling

Confidence & Confidence

Domestic violence

Eating disorders

General Counselling

Session Rates & Availability

Individual Counselling: $130

Couples Counselling: $230

Available days: Monday – Sunday

Online – Video Conferencing

Areas of Experience

I have owned and been the sole Counsellor at my successful private practice for many years. Part of the reason for this is that I specialize in certain areas: sexuality and gender; neurodiversity; chronic pain and fatigue; ethical non monogamy; trauma; addictions; suicide; narcissistic abuse recovery. I use a combination of therapies tailored to my individual client needs, rather than rigid treatment protocols. As an openly neurodivergent Queer person I celebrate uniqueness